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Psilocybin & Cocoa | Troubador Chocolate

Psilocybin & Theobromine

We delve into the scientific insights of combining theobromine from cocoa with psilocybin and their potential healing capabilities.

Cocoa Tea | Troubador Chocolate

Cocoa & Theobromine Benefits

The Cocoa compound Theobromine can stimulate our central nervous system and brain for enhanced cognitive functions.

Cocoa Tea | Troubador Chocolate

Cocoa & Flavanol Benefits

Cocoa contains Flavanols with neuroprotective effects that can enhance memory, concentration and address age-cognitive challenges.

Psilocybin & Cocoa | Troubador Chocolate

Psilocybin & Chocolate Benefits

The therapeutic compounds in cocoa beans combined with the psychedelic effects of psilocybin create remarkable possibilities.

Psilocybin & Cocoa | Troubador Chocolate

Benefits of Cocoa & Psilocybin

Scientific research acknowledges the cognitive and cardiovascular benefits of combining cocoa with psilocybin for mental health treatments.

Cocoa Tea | Troubador Chocolate

Health Benefits of Cocoa Tea

Cocoa Tea is a delicious and nutritious beverage that offers a variety of health benefits.

Infused Chocolates | Troubador Chocolate

Chocolate’s Fascinating Origins

We explore the cultural impact the Olmecs made a significant contribution in the worldwide development of cacao and chocolate.

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