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Cocoa & Flavanol Benefits

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Our research on Plant Medicines continues with more benefits derived from cocoa beans with a focus shifting to Flavanols, the unsung heroes found in cocoa.

We will discover why incorporating Flavanols into our daily routine might be the key to a healthier lifestyle with its impact on our cardiovascular system.

Flavanols are a class of flavonoids, plant-based compounds with antioxidant properties and they are abundantly present in various foods, with cocoa being the standout source.

Catechins, epicatechins, and procyanidins are some types of flavanols that contribute to the rich flavor and potential health benefits of cocoa.

The most remarkable effect of flavanols is their ability to enhance blood flow as research suggests that these compounds positively influence the endothelial function; promoting the dilation of blood vessels and improving circulation.

Flavanols can make a profound impact on cardiovascular health by regulating blood pressure as studies have indicated that regular consumption of cocoa could lead to reduced blood pressure levels.


Beyond their cardiovascular benefits, flavanols have been linked to neuroprotective effects.

The brain, being an organ highly susceptible to oxidative stress, can benefit from the antioxidant properties of flavanols.

These compounds may contribute to preserving cognitive function and protecting against age-related decline.

From improved memory to enhanced cognitive performance, the findings highlight the potential of these compounds in supporting brain health. While more research is needed, the existing evidence is promising.


Dark chocolate stands out as a frontrunner in delivering high concentrations of flavanols a the darker the chocolate, the more flavanols it typically contains.

Choosing chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content ensures a significant intake of these beneficial compounds.

Cocoa powder and cocoa nibs also contribute to flavanol intake and can be incorporated into various recipes to harness the health benefits of flavanols.

Flavanols work their magic by promoting the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, relaxing blood vessels and improving blood flow.

Studies suggest that flavanols have a positive impact on the function of the endothelium, the inner lining of blood vessels.

By enhancing endothelial function, flavanols contribute to the maintenance of healthy blood vessels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues.


We discovered that the link between cocoa consumption and cognitive function has intrigued researchers with its obvious suppression over the years.

Some studies propose that regular intake of flavanol-rich cocoa may even enhance aspects of memory and attention which opens up exciting possibilities for those seeking natural ways to support brain health.


To reap the benefits of flavanols, it is essential to incorporate them into your daily diet and Including cocoa is a tasty way to give your brain an extra dose of Plant Medicine.

While there is no specific daily requirement, aiming for a moderate and consistent intake is advisable; including flavanol-rich foods like dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and certain fruits can contribute to our overall well-being.

Embracing a flavanol-rich diet doesn't mean sacrificing taste as indulging in dark chocolate desserts or adding cocoa powder to your morning smoothie may now be considered a healthy option.

Look for chocolate products that specify a higher cocoa content while highly processed cocoa products may not retain the same levels of flavanols as processing methods, such as alkalization, can significantly reduce flavanol content.

Choosing minimally processed or raw cocoa products preserves the integrity of these compounds, ensuring you receive the maximum health benefits.


As we age, cognitive decline becomes a concern for many. The neuroprotective effects of flavanols offer a ray of hope in combating age-related cognitive challenges.

Regular consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa may contribute to maintaining cognitive function and potentially slowing down the aging process of the brain.

The antioxidants in flavanols counteract oxidative stress, a key factor in aging and present an viable strategy for promoting cognitive longevity.

Scientists and researchers have delved into the intricate details of flavanols, conducting studies to unravel their impact on human health.

From cardiovascular benefits to cognitive support, the scientific community continues to explore the multifaceted advantages of these compounds.

While individual needs may vary, incorporating cocoa into your lifestyle aligns with the advice of experts who recognize the positive effects of these compounds.


While flavanols offer numerous benefits, excessive consumption of cocoa products with high sugar and fat content may offset the positive effects.

As with any dietary component, enjoying flavanol-rich cocoa in moderation within the context of a balanced diet, ensures that we reap the rewards without exceeding recommended daily intake levels.

Additionally, individuals with certain health conditions should consult experienced healthcare professionals to ensure a proper way to include flavanols.


Flavanols present a compelling case for inclusion in our daily diet and can supply us with major health benefits; from supporting cardiovascular health through improved blood flow to contributing to cognitive well-being.

We can embrace the richness of dark chocolate and other flavanol-rich cocoa products to enjoy a flavorful path to a healthier you and that is why we recommend Troubador Chocolate.

Whether you're savoring a square of our dark chocolate bar or indulging in a cup of cocoa-infused tea, you are benefiting on a cellular level.

It's not just a treat, it is a treatment to unleash the magic within the Plant Medicine.

Those new to Plant Medicines should consult with Moyenda Institute for valuable insights and expert guidance on safe and effective practices.

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