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Microdosing Troubador Chocolate

Dr Makhulu Uhuru | Microdosing Troubador Chocolate


A mutual friend organized a Cocoa Tea ceremony for Group Meditation Event that included a breathwork class with an ecstatic dance and optional microdose of a therapeutic chocolate by Troubador Chocolate.

I showed up with my camera and tripod like I typically do and was recording content for our website when I got to meet Dr. Makhulu Uhuru, the founder of Moyenda Research & Healing Institute and owner of Troubador Chocolate.

Makhulu told me about the history of cacao ceremonies and how Moyenda Institute shares the therapeutic benefits of various Plant Medicines that have been intentionally suppressed and/or stigmatized for corporate gain.

So I asked him a bunch of questions about Troubador Chocolate and why microdosing psilocybin mushrooms is gaining in popularity. Turns out there is a whole long list of medicinal reasons why the microdose movement is gaining momentum as an alternative choice to pharmaceutical drugs.

Click below to learn why the combination of Cocoa with Psilocybin are a powerful healing agent when used together properly.

Infused Coconut Milk Chocolate

Infused Dark Chocolate Bar

Regular Ceremonial Cocoa Tea

Infused Ceremonial Cocoa Tea

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